Hosting is the process of providing an address to a website to be accessible via World Wide Web. Web hosting started in 1991. Hosting services are provided by Web Design Agencies to accomplish the loop for effective and smooth use of website by the client. The hosting services are broadly classified in Smaller Hosting Services and Larger Hosting Services. In smaller hosting services files can be easily uploaded via File Transfer Protocol (FTP). These are done for static or small website. On the contrary larger hosting services are done on different platform such as ASP.Net, Java, PHP etc. These websites take time to process and are heavy in scripts.

Hosting can be done in different type, which may be listed as:

  • Cloud Hosting

It is the latest rend as it allows the user to host the domain in the google server. It helps to free the disk space from your computer.

  • Shared Hosting

The business owner shares the space on the web with multiple users.

  • VPS Hosting.
  • Cluster hosting
  • Virtual Dedicated server

Domain is an identification string that defines the realm of authority, autonomy or control within the internet (Sourced). In simpler terms domain can be defined as the territory of the user. The use of domain is to recognize internet resources right from networks to computer. The most popular domain name is .com which is used across the work and is preference of every company to have a .com account instead of any other option that is .net etc. Domains are also industry specific like .org for organization, .edu for Education, .gov for Government and many more. Domains are classified in two categories i.e. Top Level Domains (TLD) and Second Level Domains (SLD). Domain is nothing but an Internet Protocol which is used to define the access of website whereabouts. Stats say that in 2017, 330.6 million domain names were registered (Sourced). Domain name in lay man language can be said as online identity of the company. All the companies choose their domains uniquely to make it easier for the user to reach them easily.

The major features that a domain hosting agency provides can be summarized as below:

  • The process has to be easy
  • The loading speed of the website has to be fast
  • The control panel has to unwavering with multiple features
  • Must provide customized backup
  • They must include email hosting with anti spam feature
  • Anti-malware system
  • And most important that it must support maximum web platforms

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